Sárospatak office building Handover: 2023

Ventilated composite sheet covering

Debrecen Office Bay Handover: 2023

Expanded plate cover

Felsőzsolca Rubin Projekt Handover: 2023

Ventilated aluminum covers at the main entrances

Piliscsaba National Széchenyi Library Handover: 2023

A ventilated facade made of several tons of concrete slabs was placed on the formwork concrete masonry

Dunapearl Handover: 2023

Residential complex with unique coverings

Budapest handball hall Handover: 2022

Equitone facade covering installation, with riveted fastening technique

Budapest hospital Handover: 2022

Equitone installation of facade cladding on the main entrance, street frontage, rear entrance and ceiling

BorsodChem Handover: 2021

Insulation and cladding of the outer facade of the chemical locker room with Equinote fiber cement sheets and Equinote Tectiva sheets.
Quantity: 830 sq

Duna aszfalt Handover: 2021

Insulation and cladding of the site’s external facade with Equitone Tectiva sheets.
Quantity: 1100 sq

M1 Fitness Handover: 2021

External thermal insulation of a fitness room and other simple specialist works.

Miskolc Hell office building

Restructuring, strengthening
Reinforced concrete demolition, building masonry, foundation concreting

Miskolc Hell office building

Installation of external facade with Equitone sheets.

Miskolctapolca bath Handover: 2020

Pool tiling and other light professional work.

Miskolctapolca bath Handover: 2020

External facade insulation and cladding with EQUITONE fiber cement sheets.
Quantity: 2780 sq

apartment buildings

External thermal insulation, coloring, rebuilding and renovation of balconies. Over the years, several blocks, thousands of square meters.

Residential and non-residential buildings

Construction, reconstruction in great numbers!

Family houses

From base to roof! (Private orders)

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